Garden Work Day

To celebrate Earth Day, we partnered with several Mills College student groups to build two new garden beds that will be used in our Elementary School gardening curriculum. Back in the fall, Camp Kitchen & Harvest and the Mills College Botanical Garden both worked with the 4/5 students on a nutrition unit that taught them how to grow and cook food from the garden–which ended up being the spark for the Happy Eating Place! See more from our Garden Work Day on Facebook.

Ann from the Mills College Botanical Garden and Ryan from Camp Kitchen & Harvest, both of whom greatly enhanced our gardening curriculum this year. K&H was the spark for Happy Eating Place! Look for a new post soon that explains this connection from back in the fall.

Ann from the Mills College Botanical Garden and Ryan from Camp Kitchen & Harvest, both of whom greatly enhanced our gardening curriculum this year.


Business Analysis

The 4/5 class had a meeting with our CFO, Dave Siopak, on Friday. We wanted to analyze our business model and see how the business is doing so far. First, we took a look at our 7 sales and discussed gross revenue, expenses, and net or profit. We listed these numbers on a table. We will graph each sale’s revenue and expenses to see how it looks over time.

Our next sale will not be a sale. We are going to do a promotional sponsorship by joining up with the Parent/Family Association (PFA) for the Ice Cream Social on Friday 5/3 from 2-4 pm. We are going to provide fresh fruit toppings for the ice cream. Look for Happy Eating Place brochures or advertisements at the event!

What does “sustainably-raised” mean?


Just because an animal is being raised for food, that doesn’t mean it has to have a terrible life. There are plenty of farms in America that provide adequate time outside and opportunities for socialization, so that chickens can be what they are meant to be. The Happy Eating Place is learning about how chickens are raised, and we are committed to buying chickens and eggs from farms that use sustainable practices, including healthy, organic diets and stress-free environments.

We hope that you will look for animal products that are labled “raised sustainably,” “free range,” or even better, “pasture-raised.”

On Friday 4/19, we are serving chicken and cheese taquitos for morning snack. There will be meat-free or cheese-free options as well. The taquitos are made with corn tortillas and will be baked, not fried.

$1.50 each

If your child plans to buy more than one, please pre-order with your classroom teacher.

Thank you!

The Happy Eating Place

Next up: Taquitos!

This Friday 4/19, the Happy Eating Place will be serving taquitos!

Corn tortillas with cheddar cheese and/or chicken (sustainably raised and organic).

Suggested price will be $1.50

Students can pre-order on Thursday. If you would like your ES child to participate, please send her/him with cash (no large bills over $10, if possible) on Friday.

Taquitos will be served on the ES playground at the 10 am recess. Parents can order in advance by emailing <a and request a delivery to Coffee Circle by 9:30 am that morning.

A letter from the 4/5 students to their MCCS customers

Dear customers,

First of all we apologize for the bake sale we had last Friday. One of the batches did not have the correct amount of ingredients. It had too much baking soda in it. Our measuring cups and spoons were not very clear to read, and we might have made a mistake. We are terribly sorry.

We know you were expecting muffins, but we didn’t have the muffin pans. So we made scones instead, using the dry ingredients from the muffins. Now we learned that in baking we have to be more precise.

Once we noticed that we had a bad batch, we took the following steps. We gave scones from a better batch to unsatisfied customers. After that we bought new measuring cups and spoons to prevent it from happening again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Happy Eating Place!!!