Alameda County Food Bank

45 FT Food Bank

We chose to learn more about hunger in America, including food insecurity and the health impacts of hunger. We watched parts of a recent documentary called “A Place At the Table,” about hunger in America. We had a lot of discussion around that and decided that we wanted to do something to help hungry people in our communities.

So we contacted the Alameda County Community Food Bank. There are many ways we can get involved.

1. Educate ourselves.

2. Donate/volunteer.

3. Advocate.

This week, the 4/5 students took a field trip to the Food Bank. It is an inspiring place dedicated to ending the effects of poverty of families in our community. We learned that one in six people living in the county have needed the services of this network of agencies dedicated to bringing healthy, nutritious foods to families in need. Its mission: “To alleviate hunger by providing nutritious food and nutrition education to people in need, educating the public, and promoting public policies that address hunger and its root causes.”

We worked for an hour and a half with a large number of other volunteers bagging fresh fruits and vegetables for distribution to local community agencies that provide emergency food in their communities. The Food Bank relies heavily on volunteers and on donations; however, it does pay for most of the food that it provides. Did you know that every dollar spent by the Food Bank actually has the buying power of four dollars?

Over the next weeks and months, the class will continue to learn more about hunger and the organizations that are actively working to end hunger in our communities. Our next action will be to make a donation from our Happy Eating Place business to the Food Bank. We’ll use an online virtual shopping cart to see how far our donation can go. You can check this out as well:


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