Recipe Reflection


After the last bake sale, the 4/5 students took some time to reflect on the recipe used to make scones. We are pretty sure that the bad flavor in some of the batches was baking soda. One student confirmed this because she had made a similar mistake in a recipe she made at home. We think it happened because we don’t have well-marked measuring spoons. In fact, one student remembered that one spoon he used was actually a plastic spoon and looked bigger than the measuring spoon other cooks were using. So, we decided that we need to make some capital investments. We need two sets of good, easy-to-read measuring spoons and muffin trays!

We also talked about how we reacted to the bad batches. Because it was unexpected, some kids didn’t know how to react. So we talked about keeping a positive face. We should apologize, acknowledge a mistake and give either a refund or another scone. We also wanted to make sure that every customer got either a new scone or their money back. Two students volunteered to write a letter to our customers explaining the error and thanking people for their patience.

We only spent $12.76 on supplies and took in $67, for a net gain of… $56.24.


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