Writing Lesson

An example of thematic lessons, the 4/5 students reflected on their field trip to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, and those reflections will be used in a writing lesson this week.

We will sort the sentences into two main ideas, then organize them into two coherent paragraphs. Finally, we will revise them and write a final draft. The purpose is to write two essay paragraphs with topic sentences, interesting and elaborated details, and concluding sentences.

Here they are:

I liked the feeling that we helped people.

I learned that the food bank serves 49,000 people every week.

I liked when we bagged the apples.

I liked being competitive while we bagged the apples.
I liked when we used teamwork to finish.

We helped them make bags of apples, so they can give them to the people who need them.

I also learned that the stuff that was rotten, they would put in the pig bin.

We were seeing who would bag apples faster.

I really liked the feeling that we were helping someone in need.

Being a volunteer wasn’t bad; it was actually very fun.

I’m glad I got to help. I liked knowing that every apple I touch will be given to people in need.

I also liked that I kept finding huge apples.

I think that they could not help as many families without volunteers to help because it is a very hard and big job.

I learned that all that food would only last a month.

Some volunteers were from Treasure Island Coast Guard, Target, Walmart, and Lucky supermarket.

They get 120,000 volunteers a year.


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