A letter from the 4/5 students to their MCCS customers

Dear customers,

First of all we apologize for the bake sale we had last Friday. One of the batches did not have the correct amount of ingredients. It had too much baking soda in it. Our measuring cups and spoons were not very clear to read, and we might have made a mistake. We are terribly sorry.

We know you were expecting muffins, but we didn’t have the muffin pans. So we made scones instead, using the dry ingredients from the muffins. Now we learned that in baking we have to be more precise.

Once we noticed that we had a bad batch, we took the following steps. We gave scones from a better batch to unsatisfied customers. After that we bought new measuring cups and spoons to prevent it from happening again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Happy Eating Place!!!


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