Back by popular demand: Pigs-in-a-Blanket!

This Friday 5/31, the Happy Eating Place will be serving up another old favorite, healthy pigs-in-a-blanket with veggie sausage or nitrite free sausage. Better plan to make extra, we hear they’re Ms. Brown’s favorite!


Spanish Rice!

This week, the Happy Eating Place will be serving Spanish Rice made from whole grain brown rice, butter, organic chicken broth & spices. Non-dairy alternative optional.
We’ll use paper bowls and compostable spoons.
$1.00 each!

Students can pre-order on Thursday. If you would like your ES child to participate, please send her/him with cash (no large bills over $10, if possible) on Friday.

Rice will be served on the ES playground at the 10 am recess. Parents can order in advance by emailing and request a delivery to Coffee Circle by 9:30 am that morning.

Gearing up for Ice Cream Social

This Friday, instead of a sale, we are doing a special promotional! We are making fruit toppings for the Ice Cream Social. We wrote some informational flyers that we intend to hand out at the social. If you have a couple of spare squirt bottles, (like the honey bear bottle) we would love to borrow them. Please let Anne know if you do.

Sustainability and profits

Last week we learned more about how farm animals are raised. We learned that industrial farm conditions are not very humane and cause stress to the animals. We also learned that sustainably raised animals have better lives and are healthier to eat because they are fed healthy, non-processed feed, and are not given antibiotics or other chemicals. Ask your child about what life is like for an animal on a sustainable farm.

We also graphed our gross revenues and profits to analyze our business success. This was tricky because we did have one sale with a net loss! The class learned about finding the difference with negative numbers because our profits were not all positive. It made for a relevant way of understanding subtracting positive and negative numbers. We graphed our data from the 6 sales and found that the business is doing well.  Our total profits so far are $296.31, gross (revenue minus expenses).