First bake sale of 2013-14: Pumpkin muffins!

We had our new year opening of the Happy Eating Place this morning with our pumpkin muffin sale. We baked 8 dozen muffins and grossed $100 today! From this, we will pay expenses and save the profit to go toward the Food Bank. Please look for a parent survey from the H.E.P. today! We are considering expanding our business.

Last week, we began to think about how a business works including what a budget is. On Thursday, I asked the students to calculate our expenses based on what I had to buy for ingredients. Then they calculated the projected revenue if we sold 6 dozen muffins. Finally, they calculated what the projected profit-or net-revenue would be. Today I asked the class to figure out how much of our ingredients we used if we make 6 batches. This requires thinking about fractions as some of the ingredients are in fractions of a cup or teaspoon.

We also take time to reflect after each sale. What did we learn, what can we do differently, etc. This will include a writing component that our marketing team will produce for our H.E.P. blog.


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