Welcome to the Happy Eating Place Restaurant Blog!


Thursday, December 19, 5-7 pm

On Dec.19, 2013, we will be opening the Happy Eating Place Restaurant! The hours will be 5-7 pm in the Elementary School hallway. We will be serving *Old World & **New World foods (there will be non-dairy foods available). 

What is it?

The 4/5 classroom’s Happy Eating Place is planning its first restaurant venture: a full four-course menu with two options per course. In Social Studies, we learned about the First People, Native Americans, and how they lived before the coming of the Europeans.  Our current unit of study focuses on the European explorers of North and South America, their impact on the people and our history. One outcome of the European encounters with the New World was an exchange of biological organisms from pigs to turkeys, viruses to tomatoes. We learned about how, inadvertently, Europeans bringing domestic animals to the new World caused epidemics of fatal diseases to devastate the native populations throughout the Americas. We also learned that corn, chocolate, tomatoes and many other important plants were originally cultivated by New World native peoples. While the Europeans gained important crops such as corn and potatoes, they also brought important food sources to the New World, including sheep, wheat, oats, honey bees, and even earth worms, which are not eaten but are important for healthy soils!

For our first HEP restaurant venture, we will highlight what is known as the Columbus Exchange: Old World/New World foods.  Each dish will feature ingredients traced to either the Americas or the Old World. Students will research each dish and write about the origins of the key ingredients. These mini reports will illustrate our menu. Collaborating with Ann Prentiss, master gardener at Mills, the class will make booklets about the Columbus Exchange that map the origins and travels of key foods. Each student will have a map that shows the history of many important foods from the Old and New World! 


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