Logistics for Happy Eating Place Restaurant

Hello Everyone,

 Thank you all for your support with our class project. Most of the food is prepared and I’m hoping for a smooth eveningtomorrow. I’m hoping that not everyone will arrive at the same time, so that we won’t be overwhelmed.
The students should be wearing white tops and black or dark pants. Any extra aprons will be helpful too.
The early shift (4-6) includes will be able to eat their dinners at 6. The 2nd shift is 5-7 will be able to eat their dinner during a lull (most likely before the earlier shift leaves).
We’ll stop serving food at 7, and then any who want to help with clean up are gratefully accepted!
All proceeds (net revenue) will go toward a donation to the Alameda County Community Food Bank, where we have volunteered.  The suggested donations of $20 per adult and $15 per child do not include your 4/5 student.  We ask that you make your payment after your meal. Dave Siopack will facilitate the register.  Cash is fine, or checks made out to mccs are fine as well.

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