Ship’s Biscuits this Friday 3/7

The employees of the Happy Eating Place are learning about life in the early English Colonies.  Those early settlers had a challenging time surviving in the New World.  They brought supplies along with them from England, including flour.  One of their staples were biscuits. When food supplies ran low, they made Ship’s Biscuits using flour, salt and water. If there was any lard or shortening available, they’d add that to the dough. These biscuits, also known as Hardtack, were hard and could last a long time without the need for preservatives–perfect for long sea voyages. The Happy Eating Place has developed a yummy version of Ship’s Biscuits (using butter rather than lard) and they will be served with honey for this week’s bake sale.

Ship’s Biscuits, $1 each

Friday 3/7 at 10 am

Elementary School yard



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