Last HEP Sale For The Year!

We served kale smoothies on Tuesday, May 20th for our final sale of the school year. These were made with organic berries, bananas, kale from our garden, orange juice, and organic yogurt. We had to think about pricing for this item since it is very expensive to make. We decided that we would not make enough net profit if we sold it for under $2.50. We would lose money if we sold it for our regular price of $1.00.  We decided to poll our customers to find out their price tolerance.  We wrote an email to all families asking them to give us their feedback regarding the following prices: $2.50, 3.00, and 4.00. The email included a reminder that our profits go to the Food Bank.  The results of the poll were that most people were okay with $3.00, many also thought $4.00 would be okay. We decided to serve two sizes, 12 oz and 16 oz, for those prices.

We had some left over apple sauce cake and muster cake frozen from our Colonial Dinner, so we gave them away for snack to any who wanted one. That was a huge hit with our customers!

Our sale grossed $88.50.  Expenses were $37.31. Our net profit was $51.19!


Thank you to all of our supporters and customers for a great year! We donated close to $700 this year, $300 last year, for a total of $1000 to the Food Bank! And we have a little money left over to start our next venture next year!  If you would like to read a note from the executive director of the Alameda County Community Food Bank, please look in the 4/5 binder next to our classroom door!


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